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Oversy is organizing international and regional seminars with professors and professionals in the field. The main objectives for these seminars are:

  • promote the effective integration of climate change education into educational programmes
  • mobilize support for training on climate change education and sustainable living
  • enhance the exchange of experiences, current issues and good practices on climate change education and sustainability among professionals, professors and society
  • identify opportunities for using various networks to spread education and sustainability on climate change

Leadership Programme for Children

Our environmental expert Dr. Sai Bhaskar took part as a guest lecturer in the “Leadership Programme for Children” on October 9 – 11, in Andhra Pradesh, India.  He spoke on leadership skills, the importance of leadership illustrating his thesis by a good example of Good Stoves and Biochar.

“Leadership Programme for Children” – a three days camp, attracted 300 children and 50 school teachers from state schools of Andhra Pradesh State. This event was organized by Vandemataram Foundation as one of many educative events for the youth. On the first day Dr. Sai Bhaskar addressed the young audience with a lecture “Leadership is within you”.  He inspired the young participants to greater efforts in future leadership to the common cause and raised awareness of the importance of Good Stoves and Biochar that bring tangible results both for the communities and the environment.

The most active students were awarded by 4Magh 3G stoves.  At the final discussion children underlined the necessity of disseminating the knowledge of Good Stoves and Biochar among parents and neighboring communities; summing up students emphasized the importance of leadership and their role in developing of the corresponding skills. To see pictures from the event click here


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