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About us

Our Mission is to contribute to raising awareness of the dangers of climate change by working with global experts and local communities around the world. Through our education projects, we will work with organisations interested in dealing with the climate change issues affecting their local communities. 

In addition to this we will work with clients that are looking to retire credits as opposed to clients who are looking to buy Carbon Offsets for future financial gains. We do not support the investment in Carbon Credits. We work with companies and NGOs to support renewable energy projects.

Oversy has two strands of work

  • Our first strand of work: We place great emphasis on raising the profile of the impact of climate change on the lives of poor people.  Therefore, we have an education programme aimed at schools, voluntary community organisations and people living in affected areas.  This strand of work is very important to us as it will make a positive contribution to the lives of people.  We will be running a number of projects and competitions all over the world.
  • Our second strand of work: We act as a brokerage service to purchase credits for our clients at affordable rates.  These credits are bought from sources, which have been vetted by international agencies that have responsibility for registering carbon credits such as VCS & MARKIT.
Our vision is to raise awareness of the dangers of climate change and support organisations to turn carbon reduction ideas into reality.

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