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Oversy is a member of International Biochar Initiative. The mission of the IBI is to promote the development of biochar systems that follow Cradle to Cradle sustainability guidelines. Oversy aim is to support small farmers across the world by promoting awareness of sustainable living and at the same time educating local farmers how with minimal costs they can gain major effect and improve their livelihoods.

Biochar is a charcoal applied to the soil along with other additions to enhance the fertility of soil. Biochar is neither nutrient no food for soil microbes, it acts like a catalyst for the soil. Biochar and bioenergy co-production can help combat the global climate change by displacing fossil fuel's use and sequestering carbon in stable soil carbon pools. It may also reduce emissions of nitrous oxide.

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The exponential population growth, limited access to resources for agricultural needs, degradation / alkalinity / hardening of soils, food security, the climate change and global warming are various concerns. Biochar is a part of the solutions for the above aspects. There is an urgent need to create large scale awareness among farmers to continue traditional best practices of biochar application and also adopt best appropriate technologies for improving the fertility of soil and its sustainability. The local integration of biochar production and its application is more sustainable practice than large scale production and dissemination. 

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