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From cycling to work, buying local produce or simply switching off the lights when not in use, many are doing their part to save the environment. In most cases, unfortunately, this is not enough. Our active participation is required by the current circumstances. Everyone can become carbon friendly not only by conforming to simple and vital rules of saving the Planet but taking an active part in reducing their carbon footprint. It is applicable both for private persons and organizations. There is no exception: everyone is responsible and should be conscious of the Planet Future and ours within it. How it is done...

As a non-profit organization Oversy is using its profits to invest in projects which are vital in helping our planet. We invest in different environmental projects in which carbon credits are gained as a result of trees being grown, or use of solar or wind power systems, etc. By becoming our partner, you will share this fare and green role of helping the environment. Oversy partners are reducing the threat of climate change for our and future generations. Together we create a better insight and by this raise the awareness of more and more people around the world.
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Non-profits and for-profit, large and small, organizations can become our partners, sharing a common goal of fighting climate change and being part of the solution towards clean energy and low carbon future. Organizations can purchase carbon credits directly from Oversy. By purchasing more than 5000 credits, organizations will be able to place Oversy Friendly business logo on their website or other products. Your partners and customers will become aware of your social and environmental mission, which is indeed important to everyone.

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